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Balkan as ww1 and ww2 trigger

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Topic: Balkan as ww1 and ww2 trigger
Posted By: Guest
Subject: Balkan as ww1 and ww2 trigger
Date Posted: 14 Aug 2020 at 23:50

if ww1 started coz assassination reason, then ww2 was its revenge, tho this is reflection only from the top of the historical surface, deep in the mud there is more than the mainstream history could bear! I can say only, its really a horror theatre that was maybe more ocult than geostrategic one when we see what was the outcome! -

stil the motives were others, first of all one should know that UK and France were colonizing powers that needed new resources and for that in the 19-th century they began the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, so they can divide what will eventually left of it, and through the Balkan Wars they nailed the last nail in the coffin while Macedonia was trowed to their new puppet-allies as reward for their role in this middle east agenda, tho earlier through the Russo-Turkish wars they've weakened them mutually financing both of the sides so later to engage their fall, Russia stil stayed on its feet somehow but for them they devised an inside job through the bolsheviks later, actually its not UK and France that are behind this agenda but more sinister shadow elite that was also using these countries as puppets through the city-of-london i.e. the bankers and their influence, same strategy that is imposed today by IMF actually - to conquer through debt, after that next in the line was normally eastern europe and Deutchland would jump in the nwo bandwagone, after all, those bank lobby altho jewish is from Germany!

my point here is that, if Ottoman Empire wasnt dissolved there would be very hard to be rolled out any world war, some will say that all this it wasnt planned, but as bankers that shadow elite dont need strong but weak states beneath their feet, so not that they just planned all these bloody offerings to their demons, but also formworked the road to new world order (one world government) in the face of the League of Nations, almost as they've been playing some social eugenic sport! one cant even imagine that these statements are real, but we can open new nwo thread and I'll try all that to be explained as much as possible from my point of view, if there is such a Thread already I'll jump in explaining my view there ...


and here is an official historic overwiev -


Posted By: Guest
Date Posted: 15 Aug 2020 at 01:11
maybe the name of this Topic should be balkan risks for ww3, but because after ww2 Yalta Agreement of all the border lines, and now with Kosovo the first official european withdraw from that established international law, its becoming obvious that again there is open risk coz geostrategy in Western Balkans of regional war that could leas to world war, thus the emphasis is not on Kosovo perse but on the risks what could lead too if that frozen conflict is not managed with european sacrifice to simply absorb all the countries quick in its union, but in front of that solution which is even by the europeans aknowledged as final stabilization factor of this region again are standing some shadowy motives from euroatlantic determinists  >< either they are seen as some banking lobby or masonic entity, normally they would need to have grip as on the western capital so as on the incubator for leaders, so they can control the eauroatlantic (western) empire at whole tho while acting that they are just business elite that by chance hold all the key independent mechanisms that actually are ruling the western political realm, from nongovernmental groups like bildergborgs to governmental bodies like the european commission or inbetween insurance companies like IMF or World Bank     

its interesting statement of one western military strategist that had said - if early the european obedience was assured by the conflicts in the central europe, today that is done by directed conflicts in the last weakest link on the continents southeastern europe, actually even the latest Yugoslavian War was staged as such so it could bring this region to hold while it was trying to enter eu in the beginning in the 90's with fueling stubborn nationalistic parties that didnt except Yugoslavia to enter as whole in eu and aggressively started to push for local indecencies, what opened door first for dismantling of YNA what was maybe the biggest fear of the west such massive army with status then like 5-th in europe and 7-th in the world by preparedness, and after second benefit from that civil war would be the geostrategic ace for the european obedience, almost every independent ex-yu country could be destabilized by different means and in that way without room for consolidated european continent which eventually will become super-state, but as such could be risk untill all the puzzles are not fitted in the right place i.e. without centralized and federalized europe that can be simply problem if eg. usA want too start ww3, for sure there are parties that dont plat the ordo-ab-chao card at all, and eventually the people can make uprising easily if they the ea-elites dobt have all the strings in their hands! 

I must say in mean time, while the federalization of eu was postponed have arose new circumstances like that with Kosovo, and now even before the pandemic show the european elites got blow by brexit, but also other members are not willing to lend all their sovereignty, thus eventual stabilization of western balkans got also one big stop sign when Macron announced that there is no time for debated consolidation and europe must go with the concept of three europes, the first one (western) federalized the second one (central) as unio and the third one (balkans) as shengen zone, which would mean that balkan at whole can became what was the situation in the beginning of the past century, when even small problem could ignite again the balkan quarrel, altho now presumably with lesser potential coz most of the countries around are nato members except Serbia and Bosna, tho coz Serbia have joined recently SCO this is real risk! I must say all this is seen as real politics, but having in mind those shadowy elites probably some group of them could initiate on its own some conflict which would lead quickly to ww3 while stil they can hold on the western realm through the financial influence i.e. having all the western countries in hand while rushing to make reality its own two century active nwo agenda which started with the french revolution, and I am suspecting were trying to do that without war but with hijacking country by country even in one time they had have China in their sleeve in 80's, but its obvious that they failed in that attempt, and now when Russia is consolidated they are having no other option but war if they want to grab all the world power for themselves! for such pretext there were many scenarios but now there are few, again middle east is on the table [ - 1 ] but I think they will fail there again and the situation will be loosen, but in the end Serbia as SCO member now is big risky card in this way, tho if they will engage nato at the moment in direct war with Russia nato will fail, maybe You have heard about the new hypesonic missiles that already operational in RAF while west has start now to experiment with them, hm, its strange Glory To God how come this world in this time is ballanced in the power share between among east and west i.e. neither cant attack eacj other and such war to finish with annihilation of the others side, I mean they dont have true reasons at the moment for that, and maybe motive could eventual collapse of the world economy and the reason could be any open conflict area eg. western balkan peninsula, thats why I believe we need constantly to be wakeful and remembering all the suffering that have bring the past world wars, even more coz this time there are way powerful weapons in the imperial arsenals!

Posted By: Guest
Date Posted: 15 Aug 2020 at 01:36
forgot to link the pentagon strategist, he is seeing this from military perspective,  and its not analyzing any shadowy conspiracy as who and how can be behind it, almost always people are trying to blame all problems on the particular political leaders but actually those that have steered the cauldron are powers from behind the scenes eg. tink tank strategists like kissinger bzezinski fukoyama etc. 

Quote "the real threat to european security is likely to come not from the confrontation in central europe - as in the past - but from the political instability in south-eastern europe" -

now this text is primarily in context of Macedonia, but actually Kosovo is open question coz now the name dispute is solved with Greece and the country is member of nato, tho at the moment there political spins that are pushed by the ex-kla commander now chief of the albanian minority biggest party that is seeking to get albanian primenister if ant macedonian majority party want to make coalition, hm, ots something like kurds to have the turkish primeminister chair, hope there cant come again to some tensions coz now nato should be garant of stability, tho if there is any problem that could leas easily Serbia to get involved somehow in Kosovo and we can all say goodbye to this old world as we know it! Again go back to the first post and think what was the suffering in the past world wars and imaging that with x1k times magnification of warfare suffering and death! 

Posted By: Guest
Date Posted: 15 Aug 2020 at 12:00

actually Macedonia now has Dovelike People and shouldnt be any fire starter, tho through naive politicians (read secret service) which are actually in row sweared puppets of the order of maltese knights can become easily stupid pawn, something they think is blessing but actually is curse, while they are hopping that nato membership is stabilizing factor in reality just fueled the albanian nationalism more, simply coz now if there is any albanian insurgency the country would need to act on stand-by while if didnt joined nato could take the eastern side if it was attacked either from side or within and coz risk from ww3 probably quicker will be resolved any conflict, but now such risk will be prolonged tension which as such actually can leave room for many shadowy figures to plot some ww3 momentum, hope I am not right, Trump for sure will not be inline with the deepstate agenda which was rolling earlier when it was rushing to make reality an Greater Albania coz in that way they saw opportunity to have steady unorthodox player in the Balkans, which eventually will be left alone in their megali trip once there would be any geostrategic interest from it, just cant understand why they are not seeing this and believe that as Greece they will push to its limits their national folklore aside all the potential risks for ww3, there is more to this why west is favoring great albanian dreaming last decade, but lets say through that idea Greece is also kept inline somehow not to side with Russia as Turkey recently have done ... 

to be honest Macedonia was gift to the balkan vassals for their willingness to dismantle the Ottoman Empire, tho Serbia has returned its share while Bulgarian and Greece didnt, they've the ea-elites probably hoped that such ww1 gift would be insurance that in future any disobedience to the western alliance will be punished with some macedonian uprising, tho in meantime things have particularly changed by the fact that the anatolian orthodox population overrun eagean part of Macedonia [ - 1 ] and macedonians became unnoticeable minority in their land, also later there were expulsions of macedonian population in time of Venizelos Metaxas and Marox-Sofoulis there were easy plots for expelling of ~500k aegean macedonias to usA Bulgaria and Yugoslavia, thus Greece couldnt be easily blackmailed through the macedonians, but with albanians its different thing, and through them Serbia Macedonia and Greece are still trained like vine as potential destabilizing factor, tho Greece is actually in hands of the global bank cartel of city-of-london and when is acting independently is punished like small child eg, when on the 2006 nato samith in Bucharesht gwBush announced that Macedonia Albania and Croatia are becoming nato members and day after the greek primenister Karamanlis vetoed that (Macedonia didnt went through) year after Greece welcomed the leman-brothers fiasco! I know that many would say heh what a conspiracy, but in the geopolitical cauldron only conspiracy is what You hear on tv I mean such interpretations what really happened when something big is unrolled! 

from my perspective I can say Greece is owned by the western deepstate elites since its independence [ - 1 ] when they became hub for the masonic East India Company which was trade arm of the world banking cartel of city-of-london [ - 2 ][ - 2 ][ - 2 ] even its nationsl flag (copy of EIC just blue instead red) is marked as their territory, thus they as vassals that helped the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire and providers of free maritime services for the freemasonry benefits it must be somehow kept in line altho their child [ - 3 ][ - 3 ] that was earlier insured by the past century open macedonian question, and this one through the albanian, the problem arises not from the fact does this method works or not, but that the albanian nationalistic hydra is speeding up in this obviously trap for all, and who can will say there are no more big risks in the region is probably too blind too see that when any nationalistic balkan hydra had its momentum in the past either the greek one serbian or bulgarian had its momentum have stopped only when they would stumble after big defeat, hope this wouldnt be the case with the albanian today, which is new and active project in the balkan quarell [ - 4

probably reasoning like this could trigger emotional response in someone, so I'll suggest dont take me as some antiwestern or proeastern apologist, but as someone that is indifferently inbetween as spectator who has only prohumanitarian and antielitist sentiments for the World, so avoid rude discussion but if someone has any contra-argument please elaborate and release flow of anationalistic talk, remember we are trying to locate risks for ww3 that are lurking in the western balkan peninsula! 

Posted By: Guest
Date Posted: 16 Aug 2020 at 04:40

Marox , sorry for my typo, its Markos, KKE general that in the greek civil war has betrayed the macedonian partisans who with large population of the aegean macedonian have become the first nation in the world bombarded with modern napalm, it was too naive struggle for the international communist cause tho with last moment obstacle by Yugoslavia as middle man between the politburo and the macedonian partisans in  - DAG   all of them becoming collateral when tito have stopped any assistance except free pass while they've been on the run, actually the tipping point when came to yugoslavian expulsion by the politburo [ - 1 ] tho tito even earlier in midst of ww2 stopped the vardar macedonian partisans to join the aegean and strike on the Salonica Front which titos move was diversion done by elimination of all the supporters (officers and soldiers) of that idea who were executed in Skopje and diverted the forces on the Srem Front [ - 2 ][ - 2 ] altho they were not needed there as much on the south front in Greece, there is unofficial truth that he did this coz he have made bargain to get the Istrian Peninsula for such diversion [ - 3 ] thus closing the greek territory as it was before by british influence, only if macedonians werent too naive to believe that he is true communist maybe then they wouldnt join his band and waited for better chance, tho its similar spin on behalf of their struggle for independence earlier before ww1 when they've rushed for uprising against the Ottoman Empire, which was also masonic trap coz in case of United Macedonia they would have new player who still wasnt corrupted enough so it could became strict western vassal, probably the same fears had bring the later similar ww2 spin but now executed not by bulgarians but yugoslavians, it was almost like there is some sort of conspiracy against Macedonia as compact geopolitical player that as such could be strongly independent, tho as such is the missing link for all western balkan states to make strong balkan federation which would be enough compact so it would be really neutral, something that tito to wanted to make from Yugoslavia but it didnt become case coz he has eventually sided with the western alliance, altho acting neutral to keep the masses quiet which were more prone to the usssR!   

anyway I think its all God's Will ... simply strong compact balkan could be bigger risk some of the western or the eastern empires to crumble, that would mean ideal circumstance for the masonic ordo-ab-chao cause, and like that coz disbalance fast rise of their new world order agenda! I'll say its better always to look from above perspective on the History so one can avoid any hatrate nowadays, coz as people we are just bargain coins for those shadowy elites which didnt care about the eugenic programs what about someones borders! this misfortune on behalf of the macedonians was prolonged even till nowadays when Macedonia became officially the first state in the world to change its constitutional name and nationality to please its neighbor Greece so it could join nato, altho this wasnt done by referendum which was mandatory constitutional norm but by political mongering, tho coz in this world the law of causality is constant (except by higher Holy Spirit intervention) defacto in such way nato accepted virus among them which for sure will have its repercussion ahead ... let me observe for the past 30 years Macedonia was treated as experimental state where different sides are trying to push own multiethnic experiments simply coz its right kind of controlled group for such things, now beginning from the last year when there is no national (ethnic) but citizen state there is unrolled new experiment and so on, tho there was a big chance for long lasting multiethinic state coz after the last interethinc conflict Macedonia became first state in the world where there are no minorities officially but all of them became constitutional nations which now coz the greek name dispute was dismantled, and the state became civilian entity similar eg. to usA ...

probably all this should be final solution to the macedonian question, still without fast eu integration there is as I stated earlier big room for albanian distress on different levels, not so from the albanians as from some shadowy entities, and on top of that these risks were accelerated when the albanian pm EdiR few years ago have stated that if eu wont open its doors for Albania albanians would make own union alluding on United Albania, something that was after again stressed by HashimT also [ - 4 ] is it history repeating like in time of tito, could albanians became victims of their own lust for full stomach, as were in the past macedonians, hm, at least then was ww2 meshup so such intentions were not unreal, but pushing such agenda nowadays is risk of new balkan war, but in times when things are finally somehow quieted this kind of improvisation could leas to allround confrontation, Hope not!

Posted By: Guest
Date Posted: 16 Aug 2020 at 23:45

if things are observed from ground perspective, one would said that the struggle for ethnically clean territories is ideal solution to any geopolitical problem, and if this was case in the balkans probably that would leas to long steady peace, but as always probably by Gods Will this wasnt case when people would become too proud - eg. after the Orthodox Christians refused to obey the rule of and by the Ottoman Empire and have accepted the masonic ideal of the french revolution , with attitude like that they instantly became hostages of  masonic shadowy elites i.e. the bank cartel with its freemasonry secrete society which enjoyed its power by direct control through corruption of the elected representatives of the newly formed republics, on the european ground they have substituted the vaticans rule by their secular, which is layed on neopagan foundation, so it was also new religion in control of the masses tho not any more Christian but those enlightment cult which actually is satanism altho not easy accessible coz is closed occult group that  is foundation to many new states in the age of romanticism, their revolutionary motto for freedom or death [,_or_give_me_death!#Precursors - 1 ][ - 1with columbia waving the flag or the (same) statue of liberty burning its torch, actually the androgen mythological thing lucifer (light bearer/thus enlightenment movement)  that in antiquity is known as prometheus and earlier recognized as isis etc. that same motto was in the forefront of every balkan uprising in the Ottoman Empire so consciously or not all those revolutionaries became freemasonic pawns, tho many of those rev. leaders also were masters of ssLodges, hm secrete societies have built supposedly national states but infact the've rejected the Monotheism and embraced through secularism indirectly satanism, making from the earthly pride idol through exceptional ethnic nationalism yet all modern nations are mix of different ethnic substrates so this became as such ego-trap fro all, something that was utmost needed to freemasonry so it would shaken the Christendom and the authority of the Church on the west but also of the Ottoman Caliphate or the Russian Empire on the east, coz if some empire accepted to acknowledge any ethnic except religious rights that surely could lead to defragmentation and loos of its compactness, on other hand process that after went in the next phase in that freemasonry agenda i.e. how to unity all those secular entities now under one authority so it they would came under one world empire (the bacons new atlantis) and upon then imposed universal religion You guess to the idol pointed out in the Apocalypse of The Bible, probably this kind of reasoning is also for many mainstream historians just joke, but as time passes this is more and more obvious, even it is foretold that the war-dogs of this ideal will bear the symbol of the northern star on their arms and foreheads, so in essence this means ww3 would not be clash of civilizations but of ideologies Monotheism vs luciferianism, and despite all this is already factual reality through mass-propaganda is reduced to level of folklore altho in reality is the basic masonic principle upon whom they push forward, eventually there are big amount of geopolitical spin-offs and most of the world population is not seriously aware what is happening today, despite that many alternative anti-nwo enthusiasts are pointing this out, among them most popular eg. AlexJ or DavidI, the first one mostly loud about the  false democratic vibe in the west, and the second one mostly focused of demystifying some conspiracy from some demonic entities that is holding as hostage all the western elites, I would say not just western, and if I may say we are all as humans (when living unholly) respectable hosts for demonizing, so dont throw blame to no one as he or she is evil, but if You can help help and if not shield Yourself and deter such demonizing humans, tho again be merciful on them if You must confront them, hm, easy to be said but way difficult to be done!

as I said the balkan peninsula together with the middle east as no other place in this way has denounced Monotheism to pick up secularism, altho the Church as institution survived tho on the margins of the societies, and in the case of Eastern Orthodoxy even went in - etnophyletistic heresy  coz that masonic concept of nation, thus actually became colonizing nationalistic instrument after the unfortunate dissolution of the Ottoman Empire "the Balkan church leaders rather than attending to the spiritual well-being of the people were ‘the prime movers in every political campaign that it started’" [ - 1 ] and as balkan nations in this way they cast a curse on their shoulders that in some way provoked such animosity that has ignited the ww1 and its retaliation follow-up ww2, altho this is more side effect to the nationalistic hatrate and think that probably to this mainly (from spiritual aspect) contributed the abolishment of the Pech and earlier the Ochrid Archiepiscopy that as such werent ethnophyletistic in essence, altho PA less than OA - Archbishopric of Ohrid  the Orthodox Christian Seat that was successor of - Archiepicopy of Justiniana Prima  the famous middlemen between vatican and constantinopole that was brought to that rang by the byzantine emperor Justian I (the Aya Sophia builder, the codifier of the roman law, the cleanser of all heresies in the Byzantium) and those who know that now there is no such thing as imperially verified Christian Center they'll know that this is big risk for all the Christianity, maybe the Ochrid Archiepiscopy now reestablished and known as MOC  or - Pech Patriarchate  now reestablished and known as SOC (consequence of that ethophyletistic vibe) each of them could inherited that imperial tittle but coz they became ethophiletistic churches they for sure cant become that !  Pech earlier was under jurisdiction of OA and pushed for independence, thus after the - abolishement of PA in 1766 and OA in 1767  when they were sabotaged by the phanariots in front of the Sultan, the world have lost the spiritual balance among the main two eastern and western Christian Seats! maybe unification between SOC and MOC in this way and without ethnophiletistic omen could lead to revival of Archiepiscopy of Justiniana Prima and in such way even do nowadays or later vatican and the constantinopole patriarchate fall in the arms of masonic universalistic heresy or eventually again are as earlier in late antiquity in clash, Christianity and World too will have Third imperially established Christian Seat that could evoke Mercy from The Holly Almighty Lord upon its sinful and delusional creations that again proudly have misused their Gift Of The Free Will ...

now, this is easy to be said but with big masonic traps around its hard to be done eg. the secular albanian national dream which was also as in the case of all other balkan states masonic impetus (at least on the level of the concept for the nation) can be used as barrier somehow , if albanians really are blind what is happening and cant bring their Monotheism as Islam above their secularism for sure they'll became pawn too in masonic hands, really I am not too knowledgeable weather freemasonry had have role in their independence too, but some say that somehow even rockefellers have something with Albania but which is funny connected to some adriatic summer residence, altho as net sources there is european black nobility connection through Chigi bloodline [ - 1 ][ - 1 ] suppose through the Tosca line as ethnic recidive from the Venetian Republic which was for long time sole ruler of the whole balkan-adriatic shore including now the albanian, heh even JPMorgan is related to them [ - 2 ] either way its obvious that in the eve of ww1 all these secular nations had masonic backup, tho in different period from different lodge, but eventually Serbia got enough strong so many of its imperial neighbors have decided that only way to control its rise is constitution of Albania, concept that now have become strong reality that despite in ww2 was narrowed to its current borders is still dreaming with open eyes about the fascist austro-italian recipe for balkan puppet state, it would be wise if these dreams are used as folklore than aspiration, especially in the case of Macedonia altho for Kosovo independence Serbia should also gave acknowledgement so there would be no more troubles, which if its not the case then I can say be aware the balkan ghosts will blow again their world war trumpets! - - - - -

Posted By: Guest
Date Posted: 19 Aug 2020 at 00:43

probably there was chance tito to make ethinicly homogeneous republics right after ww2 but suspiciously he have made the same thing that earlier those shadowy european enlightenment elites have done with ww1 mixed population states, later yugoslavians were seeing that as guarantee for yugoslavian federalism but the very same thing has ignited the civil war in the '90s, normally arranged as such from outside! again very suspicious move by tito, that rises the question was this ordered by those same elites infront!? its almost fact that he was freemason altho he officially have denied this, obviously necessary coz any religious affiliations was communistic heresy and would ruin his personality cult , but there are plenty side evidence that he actually was freemason, first take his nickname for example which as - masonic symbolism is too naive to be taken as accidentally chosen when such figure is in question, dont forgot he led the most powerful resistance movement in Europe in ww2 , then his relay of youth (the promethean torch) which was earlier practice in the masonic-scs (first yugoslavia) , also there are his merits among whom masonic too [ - 1 ][ - 1 ] and there are many suggestion that are leading to such conclusion but are mostly assumptions without official support for this kind of theory [ - 1 ][ - 1 ] maybe of og his rings can tell the truth, and by his behavior as warrior and later as ruler for me its clear that he was from the beginning of ww2 if not masonic brother then masonic pawn [ - 1 ][ - 1 ] who was acting communist which directly and indirectly has led yugoslavia to be expelled from the politburo, simply he has enough courage as member of freemasonry so he would stood up to Stalin ... -


SOC accusations - -  


his personality cult - Тайны великих вождей. Иосип Броз Тито -

Posted By: Guest
Date Posted: 21 Aug 2020 at 04:31

one would say is it possible tito to have had courage even alone to define the future borders of the republics i.e. keeping the borders from scs (first yugoslavia), and later their right for independence with the reformed constitution in 1974, I guess not, coz he wasnt the prime motor against the unity of yugoslavia for what Kardelj and Bakarich (both of them eminent freemasons) were main culprits [ - 1 ][ - 1 ]  so among the yugoslavian partisan elite were infiltrated many freemasons that eventually brake the alliance with ussr , thus I'll conclude ex-YU was freemasons puppet state, altho tito was double player as agent as commander as communist as freemason, simply his personality cult and connections gave him ground to improvise and enjoy his authority as socialistic sovereign in western arms, however weird this sounds, and all of that on serbian misfortune, maybe habsburgs were pulling strings as much as they can so they would revenge their austro-hungarian imperial annihilation for what Serbia was to blame, do they as european nobility elite have such power, hm without hesitation I will say for them the pride is all what they have and if they survive, and they have, so the serbians were victims of their past and while seeing brothers in russians they sought sisters with europeans, tho process that is cultural in the first case and financial in the second, dont forget freemasonry is on other hand the puppet in the bankers hands something that later was institutionalized by the think-tank groups like the club-of-rome, trilateral-commission or later buldergborgs, even serbians became members in some of them [ - 1 ][ - 1 ] altho process that made hostage of them even before ww1, then also in ww2, and finally in the eve of ex-yu-disintegration when ex-yu banker from usA SlobandM was played by his freemasonic friends, there are some insinuations that he was also their puppet, but eventually he turn slightly to the east coz what later Serbia was punished with the Kosovo independence, tho that only fastened the revived Russo Serbian ties, and now this became even greater risk for east-west clash, coz in the middle east the hatred is not so diversified but more centered, but in balkans emotions are greater coz the animosity between the neighbors goes far longer, and even small spark can ignite them all to engage their envy pulled from fear as response!

lets say euroatlantean determinists are those who are holding and driving these nations to peace and war, but what if there is new great economic depression on the west, would their local pawns stay obeyed, is there any guarantee that in case of massive economic migrant influx in balkans there will be no revolt from within, such seemingly benign circumstance could be also intentionally misused by the eastern or western empires to their benefit! many are saying balkan is sought as european oasis coz its water resources and huge clean arable soil thus in long run supposedly was preferred insurance for the western elites, but that is too ambiguous reasoning as factor for future colonization, coz its more open to migrants. and actually is ideal as main continental barrier from such risks, but as potential I'll rather see this place as spiritual vortex from whom depends will the world obtain extra Grace Of God coz its almost one of the last places thats Truly Orthodox Christian and as such has bigger potential to evoke Gods Mercy, tho through the widespread liberalism and fakebook egoism more and more Christians are becoming like pharisees and their spiritual strength or better said they are not enough venerable (worthy) to be awarded with extra Grace From God ... 

I must say risks are risks, and even we are aware of all of them, still there is too much selfishness and proudness so its not possible always everything to be amortized! take for example the ww1 lust for 100% megalli greek state, when while everybody were seeking way to stop the war, with their arrogance those aryanistic greek elites back then were prolonging the war, its similar with all other balkan states in different times of their push for greater cause, and last which is on the menu is the albanian nationalism, tho everybody are aware that too much open lusting for separatism could provoke long destabilization, which was apparent with the Kosovo question, but its obvious someone has sought opportunity (read freemasons) to have the western balkan weak so it could easily function later, but such risky geopolitics are gamble on behalf of the worlds peace, and while everybody are seeing all things manageable, there are many prophecies that are saying the different, in one of them as reason mentioned assassination [ - 1 ] and in other the albanian lust [ - 1 ] tho the later one is serbian tale so many will see it as false flag, there is also other more relevant as deciphered apocalyptic term armagedon as ar'makedon (the land of Makedon) [ - 1 ] but hope all this its just misinterpretation, I still cant accept that there are enough people that are ready to throw everything on the ordo-ab-chao card, yet historically it is in stake such ideological velocity for this world to be devastated [ - 1 ] so those neopagan elites can make their dream for earthly paradise reality, tho in The Bible It Is Said that their reign will last only 7 years [ - 1 ] are these those times I am not asked or told to say, neither I am extra knowledgeable to guess, but through the magnifier of risk management I can say just People Calm Down coz You are walking on hot ground when ur thinking that through misbehavior or stubbornness or negligence or  decadence You didnt provoke on urself eternal damnation as individual so as collective, sometimes though inherited sins of the past nationalistic (freemasonic) delirium which even today is stil alive and fine although its fact that all those balkan mythological ethnic narrative is just fiction supported by selfish interpretations of history about who on what how has right! entropy, causality, intertia, don be fooled no one can escape by their traps from the People, except those People who are Aware that in their behalf Jesus Christ can dismantle those traps, but how when People today are forgetting that their are Beings who are not in paradise but live on Earth where only way to escape its gravity is to Focus on Salvation than on luxury lush lusts laziness, hm are there People that have sell their souls for all of that, for sure the lust for power is the strongest so its easy just by push of a button someone to instigate chaos if nowadays fakebook way of channeling negative energy as propaganda or fear can bring us all down! thats why there is need of open-societies and constant talk on all levels so there would be less space for manipulation, I'll understand why there is not in nowadays world empires, but to have close societies still on balkans that I cant understand it, hm elites that are too proud to be managers but lust to be rulers even in time when their propaganda methods are debunked!

Posted By: Novosedoff
Date Posted: 21 Aug 2020 at 07:11
Originally posted by Pelagon Pelagon wrote:


his personality cult - Тайны великих вождей. Иосип Броз Тито -

So you seem to be proficient in Russian as well, Pelagon.. Smile

I teach history to children, and I am proud that they leave my classes permeated with sh*t and hatred to meet the real world.
I see my personal historic mission in bringing madness to juvenile masses.

Posted By: Guest
Date Posted: 21 Aug 2020 at 08:08
cc rulz nowadays :) I am macedonian so through slavic line I can understand something tho with little help of the titles ...

Posted By: Novosedoff
Date Posted: 21 Aug 2020 at 10:49
Originally posted by Pelagon Pelagon wrote:

cc rulz nowadays :) I am macedonian so through slavic line I can understand something tho with little help of the titles ...

That's interesting, because I don't quite understand the macedonian speech Smile -

I teach history to children, and I am proud that they leave my classes permeated with sh*t and hatred to meet the real world.
I see my personal historic mission in bringing madness to juvenile masses.

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Date Posted: 21 Aug 2020 at 11:10
it has own typical variations from the Old Church Slavic, modern russian is more close to it, altho the birthplace of its standardization was Macedonia, tho macedonian lang. was probably influenced from many centuries of all kind of influences, some say in many words there is also root form Koine, there are normally turkisms and today even many internationalism ...

Posted By: Guest
Date Posted: 23 Aug 2020 at 02:38

to understand how balkans have been ww2 decisive player in the outcome of the war, one should have knowledge how far was spread the ww1 espionage around, the peninsula was almost chewed up by the euroepean secrete services and on top of that masonic lodges conspiring plans for tailoring balkanian lands and resources, and almost all have double standards, so as the spies, among whom locals who became on its own famous either as stylish [ - 1 ] or notorious [ - 2 ][ - 2 ] in this second case VanchoM among the first have tipped russians about the nazi invasion [ - 2 ] tho I have this information from documentary but cant find it online as document, and if it is known how balkan states have changed sides in the war, in the case of Bulgaria at the very last moment, its obvious that the balkan spying network was in many ways among the most important if not decisive in the war plans of axis powers or the allied forces, again and only thing as info that is lacking on large scale is public demystification of those freemasonic brotherhoods that were acting beyond the national balkan agendas, in this thread I will not list all the local figures that were freemasons or occult teuton brothers and just will say that any clever historian would first take them in account when trying to clear up what was happening on the balkan in ww1 or ww2, in the world altogether, in those times of modern banksters colonization! in such attempt maybe would be easier historians to find exploring rhythm if they have the bigger picture always in mind i.e. that bolsheviks were financed by wall street to bring down the russian empire, but after russians have removed lenin and trocky they became even more powerful and bigger threat to the western realm, thus the very same bankers fostered the new puppet nazi-germany in hope that it would resolve the previous fail, but again they returned empty handed ! I'll stop here coz this kind of reasoning will became unending digression in this thread, and just will add that balkan peninsula is maybe not so noticeable but big contributor to the world wars in many ways ///

ww1 -  [ - 1 ] - - -


ww2 -  [,_1st_Baronet#Yugoslavia - 1 ] - MI6: The History of the Secret Intelligence Service 1909-1949 -  [,+1890%E2%80%931945&source=bl&ots=GBwt41e91a&sig=ACfU3U3UWdhgTpOSb0zLGin0LpmBhKcLPg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiCoOqlh7DrAhWmzIUKHZyBALA4PBDoATAJegQIHRAB#v=onepage&q=Export%20Empire%3A%20German%20Soft%20Power%20in%20Southeastern%20Europe%2C%201890%E2%80%931945&f=false - 1 ][ - 1 ]

[ - 1 -  [ - 1 ][ - 1 ] -  [ - 1 ][ - 1 ] -  [ - 1 ]

21. The Abwehr in South East Europe. 

A. Introduction. 

The necessity for a change from stationary ASTs to mobile FATE first became apparent in the USSR. These new units were no longer under the direct control of the Abwehr and 00 but instead were attached to armies or an army group. In this manner the intelligence chief was to control the operational, financial and disciplinary functions of the units, while Abwehr headquarters in BERLIN was to decide only on matters of general policy. This dual regime caused many difficulties since both the Abwehr and intelligence chiefs jealously guarded their authority, which had never been properly defined in the first place, and issued contradictory orders to the Trupps under their command. The actual chain of command depends entirely on the personalities of the leaders and their respective influence and popularity with higher headquarters. The intelligence chief for instance, would decide where and how the various Trupps were to be employed, but if the Abwehr in BERLIN did not agree it could withdraw it to another army. The intelligence chief would then protest thist ddaision to the OKH and the final decision would favor the more popular group. 

b. Struggle for Power. 

It is clear that under these conditions, friendships or personal animosity very often decided the course of operations. People who disliked each other were more interested in fighting their own little wars than in fighting the enemy. Reorganizations became daily routine and efficiency lessened continually. Matters were further complitsated by the constant struggle between the Abmehr and .the SS, with the latter steadily gaining the upper hand. Their hostile relationships were likely to produce the following results. 

The Abwehr, hotly attached by the SS because of its political unreliability and general inefficiency, would be split into various groups which were busily fighting each other and covertly trying to gain more power. The intelligence chief felt that he was the sole authority in matters pertaining to the Abwehr in combat areas. The FAN tried to dominate its respective FATs, and the subsequently-formed Leit Stellen started issuing orders and directives which nobody was willing to execute. Meanwhile Abwehr headquarters, which had authority over all these units, found itself either uninformed or misinformed about happenings and its directives misinterpreted or disregarded entirely. Theoretically a FAX was controlled by: 
(1) The intelligence chief of an army group. 
(2) Abwehr Headquarters in BERLIN. 
(3) The Leit Stellen.

c. FATs in the Balkans. 

Because of the lack of an established front, the FATs in the Balkans were mainly concerned with guerilla warfare. Tactical requirements as seen by the G3 of an army group, gove rned the employment of the Units. When regular army troop s could not be spared for important districts, FATs were usually dispatched instead. Their tasks were manifold and included the safeguarding of industrial establishments, railways, communications, ammunition dumps and the combatting of partisan bands and their followers. 

In Yugoslavia political considerations always influenced Abwehr _activities, so it was important not to alienate any political faction. Actually the Abwehr encouraged political rivalries and played one faction against the other. The old hatred among Serbs, Croats, nationalists and communists were so well fomented that organized resistance against the Germans gave way to internal dissension. Thus the German occupation forces became the secondary enemy instead of the primary one. Fend claims that even more success could have been achieved along these lines had it not been for the lack of central planning and the overbearing attitude of the German conquerors. 

d. Securing Local Aid 

Most of the abler FAT leaders managed to win the assistance of the local population in combatting the partisan bands. Contacts with the natives were quickly established by those members who spoke both the language and knew the customs of the people. Although it was difficult to repay these confederates, the local G-2 office seldom appropriated any money for that purpose. Weapons and promised spoils wereueually sufficient temptations. Occasionally a FAT, comprising six officers and twenty-four enlisted men, recruited from the sabotage school of Abwehr II, Regt Kurfuerst, or Regt 1001 zbV, actually formed and equipped several native companies and used them for their own purposes. The execution of a task was entirely in the hands of a FAT leader, who was also responsible for securing the necessary special weapons and equipment. His success in procuring supplies depended upon his popularity with Abwehr Abt LT (Leiter Technik) or with the local QM. 

e. Ferid's Organization of FAK 201 in BELGRADE

Ferid arrived in BELGRAD in July 1943 to become adjutant and assistant to Obst Lt Strojil, the commander of the newly formed FAK 201, which replaced the former ASP II BELGRADE.. FAK 201 was attached to Heeresgrupp F and under the tactical command of Obst Lt von Harling, G-2. The numerous Trupps of this FAK were divided among the armies that constituted this army group, including Heeres Gruppe E, which was an army group in name only and had its headquarters in SALONIKA, and the 2d Panzer Army, which had no armor and had its headquarters at VRKNIKA near BANJA. 

Among Ferid's first jobs was the billeting of the FAK and the consolidation of the personnel of the disbanded AST II BELGRADE. He also had to establish contact among the FAX and its subordinate Trupps, the respective intelligence chiefs, the local authorities in BELGRADE and with Abwehr IT in BERLIN. Fend also supervised the inventory of weapons, sabotage and W/T equipment and inspected the two t raining camps, Lager Pancevo and Lager Golfhaus. The following Trupps were attached to FAk 201 at that time:
 (1) FAT 202 in the Kassovo district 
(2) FAT 214 in Albania 
(3) FAT 250 in SALONIKA 

These units encountered many difficulties in the matter of their development and their operational functions. The intelligence chief of Heeres Gruppe F seemed mainly concerned with lining up his Trupps in a way . which would look impressive on the map but which completely neglected political strategy and actual needs. Trupps were switched from one location to another with no regard for the valuable time and effort they spent making contacts among native circles. Since the nature of these contacts was purely personal, they could not readily be re-established by .a successor. After a few weeks in new territory, the Trupps were required to report their success in partisan warfare. This resulted in many false messages in which minor incidents were grossly exaggerated. 

Most of the trouble could be traced to von Harling, who was completely uninformed about the functions, importance and limitations of the Trupps under his command. He established himself as a dictator over them, refused to report to anybody and completely disregarded directions from Abwehr II in BERLIN and, later, from Leit Stelle II SO in VIENNA. Von a Harlong, a typical Prussian militarist, forced his will upon most of the .r; Abwehr officials under his command and accepted nobody else's judgment but his own. Only Fend was not easily intimidated. He used his friendship with Obst Lt Fechner, chief of Leit Stelle II SO, and with Hptm Eisenberg of Abwehr II in BERLIN to scheme behind von Harling is back and thus often succeeded in nullifying the latter's orders. The intelligence chiefs of Heeres Gruppe E and the 2d Panzer Army had no trouble with their attached FATs and no complaints ever reached the FAK. 

Other local authorities which had to be dealt with from time to time were the other two FAKs which were attached to Heeres Gruppe F and which replaced the former AST I BELGRADE (YAK III) and AST III BELGRADE (FAX 310), the GYP, and the office of the intelligence chiefs with its various paymasters. Although FAT payments were handled by the Abwehr paymaster of the intelligence chief, the authority had to come from BERLIN. 

By October 1943, all contacts had been established, and the three FATs were beginning to operate. Fend went home for a short vacation. Following that he went to BERLIN where he reported to Obst Lt Putz an developments in the Balkans. 

f. Relations With,the SFK and V-Leute. 

Close collaboration with the SFK (Serbian Volunteer Corps) led by General Moscicki was planned but never materialized because the Germans failed to understand the Serb's religious mysticism. Thus, because of their harsh methods, they alienated people who would naturally have been friends, since the Serbs were very anti-communistic. A few sabotage courses for SFK members were held in Lager Pancevo, and Lt Skoberne of FAK 201 was detailed as liaison officer to the SFK. This was done against the wishes of Strojil, who considered the entire project a waste of time. Contacts with the SFK were made through the Yugoslav V-Leute of the Abwehr. One of the most prominent of these was Zoran Vukovic, racketeer and black market operator who made a small fortune through his excellent connections with the SFK and Mihailovich factions. As a reward for services rendered he received travel permits, necessary for black market activities, and official sanction for many of his illegal enterprises. . Another informer for the Abwehr was Frau Banderer, an adventuress who had spent many years in Venezuela and who was informed about and active in many political intrigues. She had been imprisoned by the Yugoslavs before the German occupation and as a result she was consulted by all Abwehr offices. Undoubtedly the most popular informer among the Abwehr officers in BELGRADE was Holec, also a black market operator, who obtained many necessary foods for them. Another petty informer was a man named Zivanovic, who had a French wife. Fend remembers no further details about V-Leute. -

Quote In mid-March 1941 the Soviet military attaché in Bucharest reported a German officer telling a friend: ‘We have completely altered our plans. We aim at the East, at the USSR. We shall seize the Soviets’ grain, coal and oil. We shall then be invincible and will be able to continue the war against England and the United States.’ Beria and Stalin nonetheless agreed that there was alternative evidence to show this to be mere sabre-rattling: Hitler was making a show of force on Russia’s border to advance his Balkan purposes. A 20 March 1941 GRU assessment by Gen. Filip Golikov stated what he knew his readership wished to hear: ‘The majority of the intelligence reports which indicate the likelihood of war with the Soviet Union in spring 1941 are derived from Anglo-American sources, whose immediate objective is undoubtedly to promote the worsening of relations between the USSR and Germany.’ The Swedish minister in Moscow, Vilhelm Assarasson, was consistently well informed about Nazi decisionmaking, and knew about the commitment to ‘Barbarossa’. But Assarasson’s tip was discounted, because it was forwarded to the Kremlin by Stafford Cripps, the British envoy. The NKVD intercepted the dispatches of Turkish ambassador Haydar Aktay, who also cited Assarasson’s information, along with reports of Hitler’s indiscretions to Prince Paul of Yugoslavia, predicting war. Aktay’s view was also dismissed. 

In March Soviet intelligence suffered a shock. Moscow considered it an important interest to keep Yugoslavia out of Hitler’s grasp. When it became aware that Prince Paul, the ruling regent, intended to throw in his lot with the Axis, Gen. Solomon Milshtein and a band of GRU ‘illegals’ were dispatched to Belgrade to organise a coup against him. They were confounded when Britain’s SOE pre-empted them, launching its own coup to install King Peter II. Moscow was even more appalled a few days later, when the Wehrmacht swept across Yugoslavia in the face of negligible resistance. Yet even though the Russians sympathised with its people, as fellow-Slavs, Stalin dismissed their pleas for military assistance. He remained stubbornly determined not to be provoked by the British – as he saw it – into an armed struggle against Germany over Yugoslavia. He merely signed a meaningless nonaggression agreement with Belgrade, shortly before German troops swept its new government aside. He had set a course – to buy time before confronting Hitler – and was determined nothing should deflect him from it, least of all the intelligence reports that swamped Moscow Centre between September 1940 and June 1941. -
Quote Rezervisani stav Nemačke prema Jugoslaviji nije mogla izmeniti ni poseta koju je jugoslovenski namesnik, knez Pavle, u to doba učinio Berlinu.

Ipak Nemci su učinili sve da iz ove posete izvuku što više koristi. Ne želeći da dopuste nikakav incident oni su breduzeli sve mere opreza i bezbednosti. Gestapo je sproveo najopsežnije mere obezbeđenja. U njima je učestvovao njegov celokupni aparat, zajedno sa čitavim aparatom policije poretka i upravnih vlasti. Formiran je posebni glavni štab za obezbeđenje pri centrali RSHA u Berlinu, podređen šefu SS-a i nemačke policije, Himmler-u. Kao pretstavnik jugoslovenske policije došao je Dragi Jovanović, koji je u pogledu mera obezbeđenja izneo želje jugoslovenske policije i učestvovao na konferencijama glavnog štaba za obezbeđenje. Granične kontrole su uveliko pooštrene, određeno je preventivno hapšenje svih sumnjivih lica i prijavljivanj e svih putnika iz Jugoslavije, kao i stalno kontrolisanje u svima gostionicama, hotelima, pansionima itd. kojima je trebalo obuhvatiti Jugoslovene, Bugar e i Albance. Posebno su stavljena pod nadzor sva politički sumnjiva lica, bez obzira na nacionalnost. Raspisana je posebna vanredna poternica protiv niza lica, za koje se smatralo da bi mogla biti sumnjiva, mahom rodom iz Jugoslavije, između ostaloga i protiv Mladena Lorkovića, zatim protiv Vanče Mihajlova, njegove žene i Jordana Čkatrova. Naređeno je naročito obraćanje pažnje na bugarske studente. Sve jugoslovenske, bugarske i albanske državljane, zatečene bez urednih ličnih papira, trebalo je odmah uhapsiti.

U Nemačkoj se pojačavala, sumnja da bi se Jugoslavija, ukoliko dođe do sukoba između Trećeg Reich-a i velike Britanije, mogla naći na strani protivnika Nemačke. U razgovoru koji je Hitler održao sa grofom Ciano-m polovinom avgusta 1939 godine, dakle uoči samog nemačkog napada na Poljsku, on je podvukao da Jugoslavija pretstavlja opasnost za Italiju, kao što Poljska može to postati za Nemačku. Hitler je savetovao Ciano-u da Italija iskoristi prvu priliku i da razbije Jugoslaviju, okupacijom Hrvatske i Dalmacije. -  


after ww2 -

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